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Everyone was studying something and somewhere in our life: either at school, or at the university, or on any courses, and, that's why, we have more or less precise concept, how should be organized the studying process. But all these concepts anyhow reduce the so-called "the traditional method" of the training.

You, certainly, remember, that its basic features consist of: the theory of the subject reflected in textbooks; the teacher who explains the theory in the class and builds practical skills; and after the lesson you are doing the homework on the set rule. Here again at once you can remember familiar phrase: "If you will not know a rule, you will not make the exercise; means, you will not learn a foreign language". It was so, wasn't it?

Certainly, checked up by centuries, the traditional studying method has not lost the right to exist, but today we have already alternative conceptions and original modes of training.

Remember, how easily and naturally the child studies to speak his native language: firstly he tries to pronounce separate sounds, then he says syllables and words which then - though and much later - develop in his speech in elementary coherent sentences.

Compare the correct using by the kid, who has not in the least the idea about existing grammatical structure of his native language, uncountable case's endings of Russian with long and frequently fruitless attempts of the adult foreigner to seize rules of their use during the studying grammar according the traditional method and the textbook. What's the matter?

The fact is that the child acquires words and structure of sentences, plunging in the language atmosphere of native speech: huge quantity of repetitions, a wide context, constant reiterations of the same words and expressions - all of these makes the formation of language skills strong, fast and effective.

This way of the language training we put in a basis of the original training method. This Method received the name Natural Learning Manner.

The main principle of this Method is mastering of language units (sounds, words, phrases, sentences) in a wide context of most often meeting language situations: first a plenty of examples of the using words in various speech models, then their storing and generalization of the considered constructions in the grammatical point of view. For example, it is easier to learn numerals in everyday speech situations ("Shopping", "What is the time?", "at a lesson of interesting arithmetic"), than monotonously learn by rote their boring list.

That is why GREAT STUDYING STUDIOS offers different Russian courses which are based on such mode.

We organize the training system in such a way that:

  • it serves for students as stimulus to continue the study, because it provides fast achievement of practical results;
  • it has for an object gradual accumulation of knowledge with transition from simple concepts to more complex;
  • all the time it offers the same constant, convenient and identified method of the organization and the statement of lessons;
  • it contains such homework, where answers to the given questions could be found in the text of the lesson to check the understanding of the student of the stated material;
  • it involves teachers to control the correct homework with the purpose of duly elimination of gaps in the received knowledge.
  • We are glad, that you have responded to our offer and decided to get acquainted with new learning method, which is already enough widely applied in Europe, Russia and all over the world.

We wish you successes in achievement of an object in view!

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