The Intensive Course

The course is addressed primarily to those who need quickly and effectively learn basic communication skills in the Finnish language, and get the information about Finland. During the course students will receive a lexical minimum necessary to communicate in a variety of everyday topics and basics of the grammar. The main focus is on the ability to speak, which is to conduct dialogues and monologues. Groups of 5 to 10 students. Classes are held in the evening 3 times a week for 3 academic hours. The course length is 72 academic hours.

In recent years, the Scandinavian languages ​​are becoming increasingly popular. Judge for yourself, economic and humanitarian ties with the Scandinavian countries have become more intense every year. Russian tourists are increasingly choosing holidays in Northern Europe and the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian companies are opening their offices in major Russian cities. Is it any doubt that Scandinavian employers will be glad to see among their employees a man who speaks one of the Nordic languages? Moreover, there is now a perfect opportunity to get higher education in Scandinavia, and in Finland and Norway, it is free, and the price of education at the universities in Sweden is much lower than in other European countries, thanks to the socially-oriented policy of the state. Scandinavian diplomas of high education are highly valued in the labor market of the EU by European employers, and this is not surprising, because the universities in Uppsala (Sweden), Turku and Helsinki (Finland), Bergen (Norway) are among the oldest in Europe. In addition, these states have considerable support to foreign students: they get right to work, learning on the daily offices, and in the allocation of seats in the dorms can rely on benefits. The quality of Russian schooling quite allows the applicants rely on our successful entry into the Scandinavian universities, but the students who speaks national language, will benefit when enrolling. Do not be afraid of the language barrier - all taught in English, but knowledge of the language of the country of training will certainly help in establishing personal relationships between students .

So, what the Scandinavian language ​​to choose for studying? To answer this question, you should learn more about every Scandinavian language.

Finnish language is the language of our nearest neighbor, a country with which, according to the statistics, we have the most active tourist exchange, because Finland issue visas to Russians more than any other EU member state. Everyone on hearing the names of popular Finnish brands and musicians from Finland in Russia have a large army of fans. Opinions on the difficulty of the Finnish radically diverge: someone finds this language one of the most difficult, while others argue that it is very logical and easy to learn. Perhaps, there is only one way to test it - start yourself studying Finnish.

Swedish language is native language to 9 million people. This is one of the most common languages ​​in Scandinavia and the second official language in Finland. Speaking in Swedish, you can talk to any of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries - and grammar rules read in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are very similar, and a large number of cognate words will allow you to understand the meaning of the conversation. Swedish will not cause problems, if you speak English or German, because it reminds peculiar mixture of these two languages. However, difficulties still possible: there are many dialects in Swedish, and because Sweden is one of the most liberal countries in Europe, all the dialects have equal rights, so that, for example, the announcer on TV can report the news in their native Swedish variant, and avoid misunderstanding allow ticker subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Learning Norwegian language you should start if you want to grasp the essence of Scandinavian culture or in touch with the times and fearless Viking kings. Grieg, Hamsun, Bjornson, Nansen, Heyerdahl, the famous Norwegian galaxy goes on and on. And ambitious energy projects such as Stockman, implemented jointly by Norway and Russia make the Norwegian language promising business. Norway has two official languages​​: Bokmol and Nynorsk. Bokmol more than Nynorsk similar to Danish, but the Norwegian variant of whatever you choose, you will always find a common language with the Norwegians.

The ideal option to understand what language you need is a summer intensive course. It would seem that you can manage for three months, even intensive training ? It turns out, that you can do a lot. You will learn the language's grammar and its features, learn the basic concepts and forms. Unusual and rare for us Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian cease to be alien and unfamiliar. The main thing you learn over the summer - to understand the language . The Intensive language course is a great opportunity to create a strong foundation for further studying of the language.

The teacher’s qualification is very important for successful language learning. This should be a person not only speaking the language perfectly, but also able to teach, to impart their knowledge. Today, a recognized leader in the teaching of languages ​​is the northern Scandinavian school for 10 years successfully working in the educational market. Studying Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian in Nordic School, you learn not only the language but also the culture of the country it is distributed. In fact, besides language courses at your disposal Scandinavian Library, where you can get artistic and scientific literature on the rarest languages ​​Scandinavia or Nordic Club, in which guests from Scandinavia: artists, writers, students, journalists and businessmen, share with listeners particle of courses their culture and worldview.

So, it appears that Scandinavia is closer to us than is commonly believed, it remains only to take the opportunity to learn a little more about it, and we can say with confidence that this knowledge does not leave anyone indifferent.

As we see, everyone has his own motivation to learn languages ​​Nordic countries. Someone interested in the culture of Scandinavia, someone who likes to travel in Northern Europe and is faced with the fact that in remote and usually the most picturesque parts of Norway and Sweden, people do not understand English, and many are going to go to Scandinavia for the education. We can say with certainty that all these objectives have been successfully implemented. In our opinion, the studying of Scandinavian languages ​​is the key to a good education, if you want a decent future for their children for high education in Sweden, Finland or Norway, it is a guarantee to achieve it. It is not only the country with very high educational standards, but an equally high level of security, which is essential when sending your child there. And although it is only important to study the knowledge of English, do not forget about the communication, establishing personal relationships, student’s life - here without knowledge of the national language is not enough.

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