Add one more holiday to your life: become a student right now!


Dear student!

We would like to congratulate you, Happy International Student’s Day! Happy and funny holiday of youth and romance, achieving your dreams.

But you can’t achieve your dream without new knowledge. It makes your life more interesting, more successful, it helps in searching of new high paid job, in the carrier, gives you new hobby, which can become your profession one day.

You have so many possibilities! Do not stop in achieving your dreams – you have more than 21 courses in our school!

Choose any, you like!


You don’t have enough time for studying? Our method let you use just 45–60 minutes per day. Besides, we will provide you all necessary materials and the support of your private teacher. What can be more comfortable, than studying in your own home time-table? And the Certificate of GSS about finishing the course and its results will be very good argument in your CV.

ATTENTION! Today you have one more bonus to study with us:

Starting from today and until 22 of November,
You can choose studying in unique price:

675 Rub.

any lesson in a group for any course


Additional discount 10%, reserving the complete course, 32 lessons.

Your economy will be 195 Rub. per 1 month!

Choose any course, you like, let be studying interesting, effective process, and moreover, let it brings success and well-being in your life!

Sincerely yours,
General director GSS
Marina Ermakova



P.S.: 7 reasons to start studying in GSS.

Choice  more than 20 courses.

Freedom – You choose the place and time for studying.

The guaranteed result – the method of our courses is specially for self-education, it is easy and understandable by everyone.

Ease of training – 40 minutes per day is enough to achieve good results.

Definiteness – trial lessons for every course for free.

Support – the guaranteed support of the teacher during the whole course.

The Certificate of GSS at the end of the course.

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