English in Chester

English in Chester offers a wide range of English language courses. Some are for different age groups, for example, teenagers, young adults, or mature students. Other courses are for people with specific needs, for example, business people, students going on to university study in the UK or who need to take an internationally recognised exam. There are courses for everyone from the age of 14 to 80+.






General English Courses (age 17+)

Full-time courses throughout the year for students of 17 years of age and over with different routes to cater for different student needs:

Route A: Skills & Communication

Route B: The Young Executive Course

Route C: Examination Courses

Route D: University Preparation Courses

25+ General English Courses

Short, intensive courses for students over 25 available in the Language Training Centre throughout the year.

Examination Courses

Internationally-recognised examination courses at different levels to help in work, study and career development.

Courses for Business & Professional People

Intensive short courses for the 25+ age group, starting every Monday, with a maximum of 6 students in a class and optional individual tuition. English in Chester offer the following courses:

Course A: The Executive Group Course

Course B: Combination Course

Course C: English for Special Purposes (ESP) Courses

Course D: The Weekender - An Intensive Weekend 1:1 Course

Course E: Courses for the Individual & 2:1 Courses / Specialist Courses / Courses for Teachers

50+ Courses - Language Holidays for the Over Fifties

Specially designed courses with an inclusive social programme for our more mature clients.

Courses for Teenagers & Young Learners

Summer courses with an inclusive excursion/activity programme for individual 14-16 year olds and "mini" groups only.

Courses for Closed Groups

Tailor-made closed group courses for schools and special interest groups.

Pre-Sessional Courses

Preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate study at local universities, in association with Keele University and the University of Chester. 

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