The New course of English language "My mother and I"

The summer is time to try something new!

We invite you to a new course of English language "My mother and I" for you and your child on July, 20th.

The course "My Mother and I" is a studying of English language by a mother and the child at the same time.

Today we are  speaking about bilingual education a lot.

The education, when the child hears two languages from early childhood in a family. And it is not a secret for anybody any more, what exactly children are most susceptible to learning of foreign languages much. In that time, when  a child is learning only how to speak, the speech centers of a brain work very actively!

In our course we learn how to communicate with the child at home, in daily life in English. A Mother learns the names of toys, clothes, food, and she wıll be able to speak in English those phrases, that we constantly meet with the child in our life ("take one more spoon, please", "let's put on panties", "do you want water? ", etc.). Mother will learn to walk with the child, to eat, put on, to bathe, to play, to draw – to do everything that she is doing daily, BUT in English language.

The course purpose is not to learn the language only during the lesson, but to give the knowledge to a mother, that she will be able to use in the communication with the child at home.

Our lessons pass interestingly and fascinatingly for children with toys, animated cartoons and even walks.

The Advantages of the course "My Mother and I" are:

* Age: it is possible to come to the course with the children, who isn't able to speak at all yet, and with the children, who is more senior.

* Economy: the child comes together with the mother. The mother with the child is learning the language (and as English language will begin to sound at home after the lessons, other family members will inevitably get acquainted with it also).

Simplicity: the homework is very simple, considering the employment of the mother, and they can be carried out together with the child.

* Functionality: after the first lesson you will be able to pronounce to the child the words and phrases in English.

* Pastime: it is not simply boring course, we have interesting games and the communication in the pleasant company of mothers and children.


The first class is on July, 20th at 11.30 AM.

The lesson is 45 minutes.

1 lesson costs 150TL for the mother and her child. 4 lessons cost 600TL.

The lessons are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, once a week at 11.30. You are welcome to choose the appropriate day for you!

And welcome to register to the new course now!

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