Our trainers

Kaver Olga

The psychologist, trainer, the expert in maternal psychology, www.kaver.ru

Muchkin Sergey

System family analyst, Kouch, family consultant. He is engaged in individual and family consultation over 15 years, and also family arrangements by Hellinger. Sergey is a founder of his author's system "The Transformational Coaching" and individual training programs. He is the participant of TV programs on ORT. He has been worked in the Russian and foreign companies for a long time in the beginning as the head, and then as the business coach and the organizational consultant. Since 2007 his main accent of activity is displaced on coaching, Symbolical Modelling and System Arrangements.

You are welcome to watch at interview of the trainer on the 1st channel: http://www.1tv.ru/news/other/189952

Elena Nakhonkova

Elena Nakhonkova - the analyst, the arranger with more than 15 years psychotherapeutic experience, "arranger" more than 8 years. The specialization is clinical psychology, children's psychology, travmaterapiya.

The education:

The psychoneurological Bekhterev Research institute, the specializaton is "The clinical (medical) psychology";
The Russian financial economic institute, the specialization is "The organization management".

The additional certificates:

"A Gestalt approach in work with children";
"Group psychotherapy: current state, application in clinic, training";
The Second International Euroasian congress on System arrangements in Russia "TIME of CHANGES";
The Diploma about professional development of The Institute of consultation and system decisions, Professional psychotherapeutic league, the International academy of psychological sciences;
"Transpersonal art therapy, deep work with images, symbols, dreams" The Institute of psychotherapy and clinical psychology, etc.

Elena holds the individual consultations on private matters, the child parental relations in a context of family psychotherapy. Theme groups on system arrangements with the use of the corporally focused therapy elements, a hypnotherapy, a transpersonal psychotherapy.

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