Russian for Business

Courses for professional people and for students. This training is informed by case studies, deals with everyday social and economic realities, and enables you to integrate into Russian business world.

The Russian language makes your business easier!

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Sample language programs in Moscow with emphasis on business language skills

Level of training Training objectives
First contact To enable the client to: 
participate in simple conversations, exchange ideas on everyday themes 
make basic telephone calls
use numerals (dates, etc.) 
understand simple requests and instructions 
arrange inner-office meetings 
identify basic types of documents
Beginner To enable the client to: 
describe his company and its functions, or his own life situation 
arrange and cancel meetings 
give simple instructions 
develop business contacts and exchange specific information 
write simple business communications including e-mails and faxes 
correct use of basic grammatical structures
Intermediate To enable the client to: 
understand and transmit basic information 
carry on simple business correspondence 
give and take fairly detailed instructions 
take limited part in conversations and interviews 
take limited part in business meetings and discussions 
use increasingly sophisticated language
Advanced/professional To enable the client to: 
use everyday and business vocabulary freely 
take part in group discussions and meetings, etc. 
understand and take part in conversations of specialized content 
freely use complicated language structures for all purposes 
conduct seminars and presentations 
speak freely for long periods of time
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