We offer the most effective training, English will be excellent instrument of your communication.

And in any situation at work and in everyday life, on any trip, watching movies and communicating with foreigners, you will be free expressing your thoughts and become an interesting speaker. Depending on your training, we offer studying English in different levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced.

The English course for marketing specialists

The course is useful for marketers. The main topics of the course are the international communication, negotiations, advertising and PR, direct marketing and individual sales, promotions etc.

Business English course

The goal of the course is studying the main categories in Business English language, creating skills of oral speech, the development of listening, forming and expending of the active vocabulary.

English course for jurists

The course for lawyers is for students of lawyers institutes and for lawyers and solicitors, also this course is interesting for everyone, who wants to improve your business English in lawyer’s sph

The English for the communication

If you think of a successful career or you like to communicate with foreigners, study conversational English.

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