Russian as a foreign language

General Russian

The course is suitable for them, who are not in a hurry and want to study Russian language slowly, but with real result!

Intensive Russian course

Intensive Russian course in GSS is the unique possibility to learn Russian language shortly.

Conversational Russian course "Survival Russian"

The unique conversational Russian course is 2 times weekly on the off days. The main aim of the course is teaching students to read, write and use basic phrases for everyday communication.

Russian for Business

Courses for professional people and for students.

Businessmen and travelers

The short course of Russian language during 2 months for people who like travelling.

Russian for Professional Communication

The program is elaborated for them, who wants to master the business vocabulary, and also wants to improve the level of your language knowledge.

The new programm for businesmen, who correspond with the business partners in Russian

The new program during 3 months. We will teach you to write letters, from simple to professional. Phrases-clich?

Thematic courses on Russian language

"Russian Literature"
"Russian Art"
"History and Politics"
"Russian Folklore"
"Russian Music"
"Analysis of Literary Text"

Russian for individual needs

Our wide program of studying allow us take into account needs of each student!

For childrens and teenagers

Our teachers have developed effective and enjoyable teaching methods for a gentle introduction to the language for children from the age of 3.

Application form for studying
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